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We've Got You Covered

5/24/2021 |

For more than 40 years, our family-owned business has provided the aerospace industry with shipping and long-term storage covers, helicopter and FOD covers. ...

Choosing the Right Cover to Fit Your Needs

3/30/2021 |

The biggest problem we face when trying to solve a troublesome issue is where to start. You have an engine that you have taken in for repair or overhaul. You need to protect it while it is being worked on, and then you need to safely return it to your customer. Or perhaps you have a g ...

Extend the Value of Your Engine Cover with Reconditioning

7/16/2020 |

A UITP technician examines a cover during the reconditioning process.

UITP covers are designed to protect your investment from the rigors of the road during shipping, or dust and debris during storage. So what happens when your cover needs, well, a little coverage? Enter reconditioning services. ...

Storage Solutions for Grounded Engines

5/21/2020 |

The ideal long-term storage solution will create a stable, controlled environment for an advanced and sensitive piece of equipment. ...