C&L Canvas - About Us

C&L Canvas was established in West Springfield, Massachusetts in 1970 by Peter Ciempa and Henry Labelle with the goal of providing their customers with the finest custom canvas work available.

After 10 years in West Springfield, the company moved to Chicopee, Mass where they did business for 22 years, followed by 2 years in Ludlow, Mass. With every year that went by the company's loyal customer base grew and with every move their good reputation followed. In 2004, C&L Canvas was acquired by United Industrial Textile Products and relocated back to West Springfield and a larger facility. Through all the changes, the goal of C&L Canvas has remained the same.

From our beautiful custom fitted boat and vehicle covers to our durable industrial grade truck covers and tarps, all C&L Canvas products are made to strict standards by trained Designer/Fabricators who ensure the specific needs of our customers are met. We use only highest quality, tested materials in our covers to ensure that the product you purchase will not only look great and function properly, but give you years of use.

C&L is not limited to designing new covers. We also refurbish existing canvas and textile products. By providing this service, we can both extend the life of your cover and save you money.

Over the last 34 years of design and fabrication, we have worked on many unique specialty covers that do not fall into traditional categories. If you have a non-traditional piece of equipment or a vehicle that requires a cover, curtain, or any other form of canvas or industrial textile work, please feel free to Contact us. Just explain exactly what your needs are and our designers will be happy to work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.